Open 365 days a year.

You always win:

All spirits in super sizes.

You always win:

Big range. Small prices.

You always win:

100% quality brands. Up to 50% less.

You always win:

Shop Selection

Simply select a Travel FREE shop near you, discover great brands and offers - and start saving!

Shopping Benefits

One of a kind: Our range of goods.

You can spend a long time searching for these in your supermarket:  You can find things in our shops that are made exclusively for the travel market.  So go to the border and shop like you've never shopped before!

Open 365 days a year.

Have you run out of coffee for Sunday breakfast? Nothing to drink a toast to on New Year's Eve? We're here for you every single day: Whether on weekdays, Sundays or holidays - you can save almost all the year round.

100% quality brands.

Our products are directly from the manufacturer. All are original goods and the highest possible standards of quality are naturally guaranteed - after all, we know what our customers want.

Up to 50% less.

We do things by halves... but only when it comes to prices: Save up to 50% compared to neighbouring domestic market prices.

43% more content.

Not only do you pay less for our spirits than elsewhere, they also come in larger sizes. That´s why you save twice with our 1 litre bottles.

Infinite selection

A practically inexhaustible selection of goods?  Of course there is, on the border:  You can really get everything from us - from A for accessories to P for perfumes - all the way through to Z for Zinfandel.

Maximum Shopping Quantities

After all, other people want to shop too.

10 kg of coffee

110 litres beer

90 litres wine

20 litres spirits under 22% alcohol

10 litres spirits over 22% alcohol

800 pcs. cigarettes